Olympus recently introduced the new DR-2100 USB dictaphone, pushing professional dictation and digital transcription technology to a higher level. This time, users will greatly benefit from this direct dictation device which supports clear playback and boosts productivity. The Olympus DR-2100 is designed ergonomically for long use, easy operation and excellent audio quality. It gives excellent results when used with Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 speech recognition software. Doctors, lawyers, journalists, students and all other professionals are going to get more than what they paid for when they use the Olympus DR-2100 for digital transcription.

So how does one exactly use Olympus DR-2100? The user will be able to dictate directly using this USB microphone. The recorded dictation is perfectly clear and free from background noise. Its handy-design supports both left and right-handed users. Another plus is the comfortable hold because of the smooth and rounded back. Through its one-thumb operation and multi-functional slide switch, – which makes recording a breeze, as it simulates the old tape recorder mechanism for recording – the transition to digital recording is easy. Users will be assured of perfect audio clarity because DR-2100 has a powerful integrated speaker supported with digital volume control. This is ideal for recording your daily dictation.

The greatest advantage of Olympus DR-2100 users over any other professionals is the ease of workflow. The USB microphone is bringing awesome results through hassle-free PC navigation and compatibility with Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 Software. Imagine just dictating into the PC without touching the mouse and then have speech recognition software transforms it into a written document. That’s three times faster than ordinary typing and not to mention less effort too.

Olympus DR-2100 is very effective in medical and legal environments for digital transcription. There is a always a need for speech and accuracy on records/client information, so the handheld USB microphone is the best choice. For busy professionals, using DR-2100 will keep their work hassle-free and ensure optimum results at faster pace. Indeed, Olympus DR-2100 has given digital dictation technology a new face and flexibility – without the hassles of wearing a headset.