With Inteleants digital transcription service, there are no hidden or surprise charges. We believe pricing should be transparent so you know what to budget for platform maintenance. Our pricing is simple: you pay for the number of lines you put through the system. Our prices start at 2 cents per line, with volume discounts available once you start generating over 300,000 lines per month.

How will you bill me? Our complete invoicing package is designed to accommodate the way you do business. You will be billed on the first of each month based on the number of lines that go through the system. Lines are defined by you for each of your affiliates and doctors. As an example you can charge the industry standard of 65 characters per line for one client and 55 cents per line for another client. Or you can choose to charge by the page or job. It’s your choice. With only four mouse clicks our invoicing module will generate invoices for each of your clients and you will be billed using the same criteria. It is simple and straightforward, without any hidden charges.

What about set-up charges? We don’t want to make money on setup charges because we believe the value is in the long term use of our product, but we do have hard costs to cover when setting up a client.

Inteleants will make every reasonable effort to facilitate client setup without additional support charges, and we rarely have to charge for onsite training. Inteleants digital transcription service will create up to 20 templates and set up as many as 20 users without charge to you as part of the initial setup fee. TDS will also train you on how to set up, maintain and use dictation and digital transcription stations. This typically requires telephone conferences with client’s customers and client’s staff (in conjunction with client) to install and set up software and any hardware for dictation and our digital transcription service.

What about integrating with EMRs or other software?

Integration with HL7 interfaces, most EMR software platforms and most dictation servers is all possible. The cost for integration depends on the level of difficulty and scope of work, but it is typically about half the amount our competitors charge.