Organizations which usually cannot take care of their own transcription jobs would outsource these kinds of tasks to digital transcription services. Many businesses, especially the small ones, would not possess the budget to commence their very own transcription team. Starting a separate team for transcription would involve a lot of time and effort which a small business cannot afford. Hence, they outsource their transcription tasks to digital transcription services.

Outsourcing has become quite popular that even big and medium-sized businesses prefer to outsource than to spend money on their very own in-house transcription section. Transcription is not used merely in medical treatment centers and law firms. It is utilized in a variety of institutions like schools, colleges, banks etc.

The audio recordings for transcription are generally stored in three main audio file forms such as wav, mp3 and wma before they are sent to digital transcription services. The Wav format is a pretty outdated electronic audio file format. Transcription services don’t usually accept audio recordings in wav format since they are very big and not very convenient to use.

MP3 is another popular format for storing audio recordings. This format is preferred by digital transcription services in spite of the fact that they are mainly utilized for the storage and distribution of musical tracks.

WMA is the smallest of all the three audio file formats. They lack clarity when compared with the other two types and hence not used much.

FTP is the method that is quite often favored for transfer of audio files between the client and the digital transcription services.

File transfer over email is also utilized especially if the files to be sent are small. Security is one of the principal reasons why FTP is normally chosen over email. The majority of transcription services firmly insist on making use of FTP for file transfer even for small files. Word and txt are the two formats preferred by clients for holding the transcribed words after transcription.