You are an eco-friendly person and want to save our mother earth and at the same time, want to have your own style . So for this, The first thing you can do at home is to use cloth table covers instead of paper cover on your dining table. Table covers are the most economical way to dress your table for any formal or informal occasion. This not only protect the trees and the earth, but can also store their pocket. It is estimated that a family can save up to $ 1.68 per week by the change of paper table covers with cloth table covers.

Find variety of table covers to decorate your table, ranging from cotton, linen, embroidered and dyed the plain. The size of the covers will go from 17 “to 20 “and in sets of two, four, six and eight. These measures and the number will depend on the size of your dining table and the number of chairs.

If you want to buy very good quality table covers for the tables in your home or office, you can check the website of Factory direct party. It is one of the best websites on the internet to purchase table covers and party supplies.

By far the most popular choice is cotton, as cotton table covers are to add touch of beauty to your dining table and are very important kitchen item.

Organic cotton napkins and disposable organic cotton table covers are also hot. These are really soft and better for her family and a half environment. Table covers are also known as organic green cloth napkins. No pesticides or harsh chemicals used to make fabric. But if you were invited a special friend, family or guest then nothing can beat satin covers.

Considering the pattern of a cloth napkin that is plain dyed, printed and embroidered jacquard style. To purchase online table covers, go to Amazon and e-bay. You will find a variety there.