If you are planning a spring or summer wedding, then consider choosing teal formal dresses. Make your spring wedding look elegant and give it a modern flare by choosing teal. It is also a great choice for a summer wedding as teal is simple and delicate. Beautiful for a beach wedding. Teal is a very flexible color as it matches anything.

Teal is traditionally a favorite color theme in weddings, from the flower girls to bridesmaids to the bride. There are several reasons for this. Teal formal dresses have a timeless appeal. They are classic, meaning they are timeless in appeal. And a nice bonus is they are flattering to any figure type.

if you are concerned that your bridesmaids will outshine you on your wedding day you need not worry. You can accent their dresses with color. This way your wedding party will beautifully frame your bridal gown, making you look stunning as the center of attention on your wedding day.

There are many different ways to wear and accent teal formal dresses. Here are some guidelines to help pull off this look with success so you can avoid having the bridesmaids look too much like the bride in the teal formal dresses.

Choose dresses with a teal bodice. They can be complemented by a skirt of any color. Because this style is so unique you may need to need to have your dresses custom made.

Taking this idea a step further you could go with a printed skirt or midriff wrap.

You can also have your bridesmaids wear short teal formal dresses.

Combine with colored accessories like shoes, jewelry, and flowers. The colors will really pop against the teal color.

For a splash of color add a colored satin bow around the waist. Use a narrow ribbon and a simple knot or bow at the side. This can make a simple difference on a teal formal dress.

A wide taffeta waist wrap will look stunning and elegant.

Flower pins can be placed on the waist or the bodice.

Teal formal dresses are the ideal wedding party attire. If your goal is to create a gorgeous and elegant look for your special day; a truly unforgettable ensemble then teal formal dresses are a perfect touch. They would surely make the wedding look special.